Mobile. Safe. Simple.

Unified Authentication Service.

The new Company Authentication Paradigm.
Manage and Secure your Cloud & Legacy application access.

% of users choose the same password for different accounts, making these accounts vulnerable.

% of users choose weak and trivial passwords (names, slang, etc.), resulting to easy-to-guess passwords.

% of business users keep a written record of their passwords, making them fragile and accessible by a third party.

LogMote stack screens

What is LogMote?

LogMote is a unique unified authentication service which manage both legacy and cloud applications. Your smartphone becomes the contactless key to unlock and accelerate your user experience.

How does it work?

LogMote is a patented contactless strong and secure authentication technology initiated by a simple scan of a One Time QR code. Log into your devices / computers / applications without remembering and typing your passwords.

LogMote Screen

Why should I use it?

Totally flexible, LogMote works everywhere and does not require infrastructure modification, no hardware, no additional resources needed and is totally cost effective.