Mobile. Safe. Simple.

Unified Authentication Service.

For a user, a « good password » is a password that he will never forget.
LogMote can remember all passwords much stronger for him.

% of users choosing the same password for different accounts, making these accounts vulnerable.

% of users choosing weak and trivial passwords (names, slang, etc.), resulting to easy-to-guess passwords.

% of business users keeping a written record of their passwords, making them fragile and accessible by a third party.

LogMote stack screens

What is LogMote?

LogMote stores encrypted logins/passwords on your smartphone. It establishes a secure connection with your computer, letting you log into your applications instantly. Your smartphone becomes the contactless key to unlock and accelerate your user experience.

How does it work?

LogMote is a patented contactless authentication technology initiated by the scan of a QR code. Log into your sites without remembering and typing your passwords. It is secure, fast and a revolutionary new way to manage your privacy.

LogMote Screen

Why should I use it?

LogMote has a secure strong authentication and encryption mechanisms. It is user friendly, totally manageable and flexible. Moreover, the SSO technology makes it totally worth it.