About Us

LogMote was founded by security experts. They contributed to new approaches in computers security such as malware behavioral detection and adapted response strategies. Protected by international patents, the technology they created in 2004, was considered a breakthrough in the field of computer security. This security expertise and innovative philosophy is now at the service of LogMote.

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Yann Torrent

CEO and co-founder, Yann was the R&D Director of SkyRecon Systems for 7 years. Having received the title of "EPITECH Expert in Information Technology", he wrote international patents and scientific publications. As an entrepreneur, Yann cofounded several startups and has a strong technical and simple, yet functional expertise in implementing software and innovative technologies.

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Loïc Dupuy

R&D Manager and co-founder, Loïc brings software engineering experience to the company. Prior to LogMote, Loïc spent six years as a software developer at SkyRecon Systems specializing in interface design, implementation and databases.

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Jean-Baptiste Lernout

CTO and co-founder, Jean-Baptiste has always been passionate about applications development and new technology. Before LogMote, Jean-Baptiste was a software developer at SkyRecon Systems. He joined LogMote to bring his expertise in mobile technologies.

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Karine Cheltiel

G&A and co-founder, specialized in the innovative startup advice since 19 years, with a focus on the digital sector, Karine particularly handles the setting and management of R&D projects.

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Patrick Prajs

Executive Vice President, Patrick has developed several Software Editor Companies in France, Europe and US, from the startup phase to the IPO. He served as a Sales Director at CA, General Manager and VP at Sybase, CEO and President at Unikala (US), CEO at SkyRecon Systems. Patrick brings his expertise on building the sales operation and in managing high revenue growth.