Don’t let users alone manage your application security

Are you providing an online or mobile App service for customers or external users? LogMote ID will help you secure access to your application.

LogMote Usage

Secure your customers and external users

Based on strong authentication, LogMote protects your users against phishing and keylogging attacks and centralize users management. We provide an innovative contactless patented technology for the best user experience.

Easy and fast integration: With or Without SDK

Based on a standard protocol, without SMS / One Time Password system / Token, LogMote turns the users smartphone into a strong authentication system, compatible with your web or mobile Application, from the Cloud or from on premise servers.

LogMote Usage

Protect your Applications against fraud

LogMote ID provides the user's full authentication context. This context is securely delivered directly to your Application and contains all information you need to authorize an access or a specific action thanks to the LogMote end-to-end encryption technology.

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