LogMote Usage

New Company Authentication Solution

Manage and secure access to online business resources as well as traditional business applications. LogMote unifies and manages the authentication process for professional users and helps promote the adoption of highly secure passwords.


Use LogMote to securely access your applications on your mobile, your tablet and even your computer. LogMote is a user centric and synchronizes your employees applications across all devices.

LogMote Usage

Secure Sharing

Let another user access your account without giving your credentials. With LogMote, you keep full control of permissions. Add or remove another user directly from your smartphone.

Security and Privacy

LogMote guarantees the association of the user authentication data with the corresponding application in order to protect the company against phishing attacks. LogMote also avoids keylogging attacks, and protects user privacy.

LogMote Usage

Strong authentication: 3 factors + SSO

From your smartphone, simply scan the one time QR code displayed on the screen and you are authenticated in all your accounts. Compatible with SAMLv2, LogMote servers can become an identity provider and federate authentication of your applications.

Remote Control

LogMote transforms your smartphone or your Apple Watch to a remote control for all your device, computers and applications. Example: if you leave your computer in a room, you can remotely lock your user session directly from your smartphone.

LogMote Usage
LogMote Usage

Save Money and Resources

With no hidden costs and no infrastructural modifications, LogMote is centrally managed via an Integrated Web Administration Console. Dedicated servers or private Cloud, our SaaS solution adapts to your surroundings.


"We chose LogMote to manage acces in our flexible teams. Giving temporary access to our employees."

"LogMote is our strong authentication solution without having to change our infrastructures."

"Thanks to LogMote we secure access to various web services used by our employees."

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LogMote Key Features

LogMote uses each user’s smartphone as a personal authentication key.
LogMote is compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. Using the LogMote app, users can directly connect, edit or share their credentials according to your company security policies. The LogMote access code is required to open the application on the smartphone. It is the only access code users need to remember. To make it user friendly, different access code types can be chosen (pattern, PIN, password, color series). LogMote users can easily and safely share accounts: no more Post-Its usage to exchange passwords!

LogMote is a full SSO (Single Sign-On) solution.
Using your smartphone to scan the LogMote QR Code displayed on your computer automatically establishes the connection. From now on, there’s no need to remember or type all your logins and passwords, LogMote takes care of it. LogMote is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory Windows accounts and Internet Explorer. When logging into a new account, LogMote saves the login/password automatically. LogMote servers are compatible with SAMLv2 (as an identity provider) and can federate all authentication business applications.

LogMote security & recovery mechanism.
All data is encrypted with AES 256 bits keys. The encryption key is unique for each user and protected by the user’s access code. Without the access code no one can decrypt the data, the LogMote App remains locked. However, using the online administration console, the administrator can help the user recover access to the LogMote App. If the smartphone is lost or stolen, the administrator can also restore all logins and passwords to a user's new smartphone.

LogMote guarantees the true association between the right website and the user authentication. Therefore your organisation is protected against phishing attacks whilst the utilization of scanning technology instead of typing also prevents keylogging malwares.

Manage your company security policies easily.
All LogMote management processes (recovery, update, support, etc) are addressed via an online administration console (HTTPS). Users, and devices can be added or revoked and security control policies defined within this console. LogMote servers offer a REST API, making it easy to automate administrative tasks.

LogMote: System Requirements
iOS v 7.0 +
Android v. 2.2 +
BlackBerry v. 10.0.10 +
Windows Operating Systems
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32-bit, 64-bit
Administration Tools
Windows Active Directory v. 2008 +
Compatible Web Browsers
Internet Explorer v. 8.0 +
Chrome v. 18 +
Firefox v. 12 +
Safari v. 5.1 +
Opera v. 15 +
Mobile Safari v. iOS 8.0 +
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Mobile Applications

LogMote Browser Extensions

Google Chrome v18+

Safari v5.1+

Mozilla Firefox v12+

Opera v15+