Technology - How does it work?

Our primary goal is to ensure the security and the secrecy of your data. Through LogMote we have created a dedicated technology focused on both security and ease of use.

Smartphone, Server and Application Connections

The authentication between your smartphone and your computer is secured thanks to our patented technology based on the scan of a One Time QR code.

LogMote is based upon 3 factors Strong Authentication:
- What I know: LogMote mobile App Authentication (Unlock LogMote mobile application with a personnal code)
- What I have: my smartphone
- What I do: One Time QR Code Scan (10 cm from screen)

As the One Time QR code is scanned by the smartphone from the computer screen, the data contained is never transmitted through a network, thus defeating any kind of eavesdropping through networks. Once the secure connection is established, credentials can be exchanged in a fully secured channel.